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What Are The Most Common Types of Truck Accidents in Tennessee?

6 types of truck accidents and how to avoid them

Truck accidents are indeed some of the most horrific crashes on Tennessee roads and highways, especially when they happen at high speed. These accidents can occur for a wide variety of reasons, but most accidents will typically fall into certain general categories when everything is settled.

The type of truck accident and its cause aren’t always connected, as different conditions on the road can create different hazards. But everyone can agree that a collision between a big-rig truck and a small passenger vehicle should be avoided at all cost. Even an accident involving other commercial vehicles can leave passengers highly vulnerable to serious personal injury.

Truck accidents are often complicated legal matters, and therefore they are always strongly defended when claims are being processed. Multiple vehicle crashes are also common when a truck is out of control, especially in the mountainous regions of eastern Tennessee.

Each case is unique in some aspect, which is why it’s important to hire an experienced and aggressive truck accident lawyer who can ensure you are properly represented.

Here are a few common types of truck accident cases that Gilreath attorneys specialize in:

Jackknife truck accidents

The most dangerous component of an 18-wheeler is the trailer being pulled behind. Surprisingly, the harnessing area of the trailer may actually be the weakest and most volatile point of the whole rig. Bad welds at the hitches can result in breakages or conditions that cause the tractor and trailer to swap ends, also known as “jackknifing.”

Improperly overloaded trailers or sudden stops can cause a truck to jackknife as well, but this phenomena is most often associated with bad weather accidents on icy highways.

Rollovers wrecks

Another common type of truck accident is the rollover. These accidents most often occur when a driver is forced to serve to avoid something on the road, including another vehicle. Rollover accidents can also be the result of poor loading balance and shifting loads when improperly loaded, and they can happen with either a flatbed or a box container.

Wind can also cause rollover accidents to occur, especially when a container is empty and the truck is driving in treacherous or windy conditions. Trucks will also rollover when struck on the side by other 18-wheelers or commercial vehicles in certain situations.

Tire blowouts

One of the most common types of truck accidents is a tire blowout accident where the axle is damaged as well. The dual-tire design for back wheels is a good safety measure, but the supporting tire can be damaged when the damaged tire ruptures. The whole axle may be affected when both tires blow.

Malfunctioning axle assemblies are another common cause of wrecks, and they create problems with the trailer undercarriage — all of which can result in the grounding of the trailer. In addition, large pieces of torn tire rubber may fly into the path of oncoming or nearby vehicles, causing them to crash.

Mechanical malfunctions

All tractor trailer trucks are required by law to be inspected on a regular basis, but mechanical problems in braking systems and steering assemblies (most commonly) can result in a big-rig getting out of control very quickly. This is a scary situation that often happens on the interstate at a high rate of speed, and it almost always leads to a serious injury for both the truck driver and other vehicle passengers.

Rear-end collisions (underrides)

Another common type of truck accident is a rear-end collision. These crashes happen for varying reasons, and the driver of the trailing victim is not always at fault. However, when an 18-wheeler is involved, it’s bad news for a passenger car to be in either location.

Rear-end collisions are usually the result of one driver trailing another driver too closely, which reduces their ability to stop in time. With a big truck, the stopping distance is much longer than a standard passenger vehicle. If a passenger vehicle fails to stop in time and hits the truck, causing it to slide underneath the trailer and get pinned, this is known as an “underride” accident.”

Hazardous chemical accidents

Tanker trucks pose an added danger on the highway. The cargo in a tanker is liquid that is usually in constant motion while in transit and still moving around even when coming to a stop. The fluid shifting can actually create real control problems for the driver. And the dangers are even worse when the chemicals are spilled onto the road in the event of a collision or crash.

Hire an experienced Tennessee truck accident lawyer

Regardless of which type of truck accident you or a loved one were involved in, being properly compensated after suffering property damages or personal injury can be a long and frustrating experience. There could also be multiple negligent parties with their own legal team fighting to avoid liability.

Anyone who doesn’t have aggressive legal representation is always at a disadvantage and can possibly be shut out of proper compensation. Trucking companies, shipment contractors, and all respondent insurance companies will attempt to deflect fault to the other parties. And anyone found 51% or greater at fault in a Tennessee accident can be denied any financial compensation for damages.

At Gilreath & Associates, our Tennessee truck accident attorneys will represent your case from start to finish. If you’re looking for comprehensive truck accident representation, you’ve come to the right place.

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