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Paragard Copper IUD Defective Product Lawsuit

Product liability lawsuits mount against the Paragard birth control product

Women have used various forms of birth control for years to prevent pregnancy and manage other healthcare needs. Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are one of the most effective devices that are available for pregnancy prevention.

Many women prefer this form of birth control for its benefits such as allowing them to opt-out of taking a pill each day or having to get a monthly injection. Once an IUD has been placed by a physician, women should receive a worry-free form of birth control that lasts several years.

Unfortunately, the IUD which should come with minimal side effects has caused many women to experience traumatic injuries to their bodies and has led to a lawsuit. Recently, the potential risks and damages caused by copper IUDs have caught the attention of both women and defective medical device attorneys.

Understanding more about this popular birth control method helps you know what to do if you or someone that you love experiences a devastating injury while using an IUD.

What is the Paragard Copper IUD?

A copper IUD is a T-shaped device that is made from a copper wire that is wrapped around flexible plastic. It is only about an inch and a half wide, and it doesn't require a surgical procedure to insert. Instead of performing surgery, a woman's physician will use a special insertion tool to place the IUD into the uterus by going through the cervix.

The entire procedure can be done on an outpatient basis in your doctor's office, and it should only take a matter of minutes to complete. Although the procedure itself is supposed to be fairly painless, many women report feeling cramping, pinching and pain during and shortly after the procedure.

The Paragard IUD is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals that was introduced and cleared for use by FDA in 1984. In 2017, Teva sold the product to Cooper Pharmaceuticals. The Paragard IUD marketed as having the benefit of being the only type of birth control device of this kind that doesn't use hormones.

It also comes with some serious risks for women.

What are common side effects?

The most common side effects for women involve changes in the menstrual cycle. Since the IUD is designed to generate an inflammatory response within the uterus, some women may experience heavier or longer periods while using the device. Increased cramping during the menstrual cycle has been reported along with spotting between periods.

Keep in mind that women should never assume that these are normal symptoms to experience until they have discussed them with a doctor. Each of these side effects can be caused by other health conditions besides the IUD.

What are the risks of using a copper IUD?

For some women, the risks of using an IUD go much deeper than more discomfort during their menstrual cycle. Since 2017, a host of product failures have been reported. In particular, there is a particular risk of the device breaking on removal, leading to serious tissue injury in women, in the same way that transvaginal mesh exploded in litigation. The risk of having an IUD inserted includes uterus perforations, which require costly and invasive surgeries and can affect a woman's fertility.

In some cases, the IUD can break, and this also requires surgery to remove the device. In some cases, the device can migrate from its original spot and lead to other problems within a woman's body, including injuries and inflammation, ectopic pregnancies and organ damage. Infections and scarring are other issues that women are reporting in their lawsuits.

Why are there more problems now?

If IUDs have been used for years, then you might be wondering why this is suddenly such a big problem. The FDA first approved the device to be used in women back in 1984 as a form of birth control for those who were finished having children. Later, the device was approved for women who hadn't had children previously, which opened up a larger number of people who could experience the side effects.

There has also been an increase in side effects beginning in 2017 when the IUD was sold to Cooper Pharmaceuticals. However, issues with the device can be traced earlier than that. Even when Teva Pharmaceuticals was handling the manufacturing of the device, there were reports of breakage and other negative side effects.

How should you handle a Paragard IUD injury?

Women who experience an injury or serious side effects from using this device need to know that they have the option of filing a lawsuit. When doing so, reach out to a defective medical device attorney who is familiar with the current legal proceedings regarding the manufacturing and use of this product.

Currently, lawsuits center around finding the answers to important questions, such as whether or not the manufacturers warned physicians and women about the risks of using the device. There is also an investigation into whether the manufacturers knew about problems with the device and failed to take action to make using the IUDs safer.

The lawsuit settlement amounts are expected to vary and have yet to be fully determined. However, working with an attorney can help you receive compensation that can cover the cost of your medical treatments along with your pain and suffering.

When it comes to women's health, it's important that all manufacturers of medical devices are held accountable for their responsibility to promote safety and transparency regarding the use of their products.

If you've been injured due to a defective medical product, reach out to Gilreath & Associates today. Your first consultation is free.

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