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Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes in Tennessee
(and How to Prevent Them)

Learn what causes motorcycle accidents so you can be safe on the road

The major difference between a motorcycle accident and a motor vehicle accident is a motorcyclist is exposed. Another difference is the absence of seatbelts on a motorcycle; it's easy to become separated from the bike. It's no wonder that so many motorcycle crashes result in serious injury or death.

Fortunately, education is the key to saving lives. Understanding the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is one step everyone can take to ensure that all drivers and riders are safe on the road.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, it's imperative to speak to a Tennessee motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Doing so not only gives you the advocacy you need while seeking compensation for damages, but you also receive peace of mind during this difficult time.

Top motorcycle accident causes

As for the most common causes of motorcycle accidents, there are many. The following is a breakdown of those causes:

  • Distracted driving. Unfortunately, this is considered a primary cause of motorcycle crashes. Texting, doing makeup, yelling at the kids and changing the radio station while driving are all examples of distracted driving. Motorcyclists, like all drivers, can be distracted easily. It's important to keep both hands on the handlebars and eyes on the road.

  • Poor conditions. While it's not as common to have motorcyclists on the road during icy, wet or bad weather conditions, sometimes a rider is unprepared for sudden storms and heavy fog. In addition, potholes, poorly maintained roads and missing road signs are common examples of poor road conditions that can endanger a motorcyclist.

  • Busy intersections. Sometimes it's difficult to tell what is happening at a busy intersection. Factor in distracted drivers and it can be a mess. There's also the risk of tipping when motorcyclists must make 90-degree turns.

  • Negligent lane changes. It's important for all drivers to check their mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes. Motorcyclists often get forced off of the road, hit or cut off by other drivers who aren’t paying attention. On the other hand, sometimes reckless motorcyclists change lanes suddenly or illegally go between two cars (known as “lane splitting”), resulting in a wreck.

  • Driving under the influence. Drunk and drugged driving is another primary cause of motorcycle crashes in Tennessee. Either the motorcyclist is the victim of a motorist who is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or the motorcyclist was driving under the influence themselves. In either situation, the consequences can be deadly.

The number of motorcycle traffic fatalities in Tennessee rose significantly between 1998 and 2018. In 1998, the number of fatalities was 42. This number hit 168 in 2018.

How to prevent motorcycle accidents

While there are times when motorcycle accidents are unavoidable, the risk is greatly reduced when everyone on the road takes certain measures. These safety measures include:

  • Being aware of signs
  • Staying vigilant at all times so threats can be identified
  • Driving defensively
  • Driving the speed limit
  • Ensuring there is a safe distance between motorcycles and cars
  • Following all traffic laws
  • Checking blind spots and mirrors before changing lanes
  • Staying visible at all times

Contact a Tennessee motorcycle accident attorney for legal help

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident that wasn't your fault, you could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and other expenses related to the accident. You might even be entitled to pain and suffering. Immediate family members of motorcycle accident victims who were killed may be able to file a wrongful death claim against the responsible party for the loss of their loved one, including funeral expenses, medical bills and other damages.

When you turn to Gilreath & Associates for help with your claim, you are getting a Tennessee accident lawyer who is focused on getting results that work for you. Don't face the consequences of a motorcycle wreck alone or at your own expense. Instead, contact Gilreath & Associates to get the answers and guidance you deserve.

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