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One slip-up can have huge repercussions in the medical field. A simple mistake is unacceptable when a human life is on the line. Unfortunately, these slip-ups, known as malpractice, are all too common in the health care, and patients need reliable legal support to defend them when these mistakes happen.

Medical malpractice, also called medical negligence, is an injury that a patient suffers from a treatment as a direct violation the governing standard of care by the health care provider.

Examples of malpractice can include:

  • Misdiagnoses or failure to diagnose
  • Failure to provide proper treatment for a medical condition
  • Unreasonable delay in treatment of diagnosed medical condition.

Not only do victims of medical malpractice often lose money by not working during the recovery period, they can experience suffering, pain, and a heavy load of medical expenses. In many cases, the cost of medical malpractice reappears years after the injury has occurred.

Estimating your total cost of damages and finding proper representation in court is crucial in medical malpractice cases, where doctors hire a strong defense team to dodge the blame.

How you know you have a claim

Knowing if you have a valid claim can be tough. Consider your case and evaluate it based on these four qualifications to prove medical malpractice:

  1. A doctor-patient relationship was present. It must be obvious that there was an agreed upon contract between the doctor and patient—the doctor was directly involved with the treatment or operation.

  2. The doctor was negligent. You can't just sue if you're unhappy with the results. The doctor must have “breached” proper conduct and harmed you in a way another competent doctor would not have.

  3. The injury was caused by the doctor's negligence. The injury obtained from the treatment or operation was a direct result of the doctor's incompetence, not a prior condition

  4. The injury resulted in damages. Even if malpractice occurred, a patient can't sue if no harm was done. There must be proven damages as a direct result of the malpractice.

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In the state of Tennessee, medical malpractice damages that may be awarded to patients fall into three categories:

  • General: these are damages the patient receives from mental and physical suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and/or loss of future earning capability. General damages are not measurable—thus difficult to calculate—but real nonetheless, and our expert malpractice attorneys are highly-skilled at determining the cost of general damages.

  • Special: damages received for the measurable costs of malpractice—medical bills and missed work—as well as the estimated cost of future medical expenses.

  • Punitive: damages that are a direct result of intentional negligence by the doctor. These cases are less common, but occur when the doctor deliberately and unnecessarily puts the patient in a harmful circumstance.

If a death occurs, the patient's loved ones can also request compensation on behalf of the victim. Wrongful death and survival statutes assist the surviving family in recovering the expenses of medical bills, compensation for loss of income, as well as pain and suffering from grief.

Why you need an experienced attorney

Medical malpractice is a complex lawsuit that involves an in-depth knowledge of the medical field, and an expertise with the specific laws concerning medical malpractice in the state in which it is filed.

Since 1973, Gilreath & Associates has continually provided the best representations for patients seeking just compensation for medical injuries. Our Tennessee lawyers are the best in the state and have won cases all around the southeast region, both in and out of court.

In 1994, our skilled medical malpractice attorneys won a $7.6 million case for a woman paralyzed during neck surgery—Steele vs. Ft. Sanders Anesthesia Group, P.C. Another $3.5 million was claimed for a client who sued for failure to diagnose a fracture that resulted in paralysis. These are just a couple of our many malpractice wins.

At Gilreath & Associates, we specialize in medical malpractice in the state of Tennessee and surrounding communities, and we offer our clients expert representation that only comes from years of experience in the courtroom.

In addition to decades of experience, we offer:

  • Free consultations
  • Expert attorneys
  • Specialized knowledge of medical malpractice cases
  • The perfect combination of legal skill, aggressive advocacy, and concerned support for every client

Medical malpractice is serious. And so are our attorneys when it comes to fighting for proper compensation for our clients.

Act Now

The Tennessee statute of limitations in medical malpractice cases allows claims to made up to one year following the date of the incident giving rise to the injury, or one year from the discovery of the injury. This means patients seeking just compensation for medical negligence need to act now to obtain proper representation.

Our reliable, expert medical malpractice attorneys, serving Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, and rural Tennessee, are eager to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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